About Museum Framing

Quality Craftsmanship

Since 1989, Rick Badwey has provided the highest level of framing services to his clients at the most reasonable prices. His clients include museums, institutions, galleries, businesses, and the general public throughout the United States. Rick's 30 plus years of knowledge in collecting and specializing in historical and rare artwork and collectibles comes into play when working to preserve and display your artwork and personal possessions.

Rick Badwey serves as an officer of the Washington Conservation Guild. The Washington Conservation Guild (WCG) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization of conservation professionals dedicated to preserving art and historic materials. WCG serves as a forum for its members and as a resource to the public for learning about the care of personal collections.

Our History

Rick opened Museum Framing after discovering how difficult it is to find framing establishments that are properly skilled in working on his personal art and manuscript collections. After studying the correct methods of preservation framing, he opened his studio to assist other with their framing needs. In the beginning, he worked with nationally recognized collectors and dealers, but soon thereafter, word spread and he has since built a solid following.

Proper preservation framing

  • Solid Wood Frame
  • Your artwork or document
  • 99% UV filtering glass
  • 100% museum grade cotton rag matting with gold fillet
  • 100% museum grade cotton rag backing (4 ply)
  • 100% true archival final backing
  • 100% museum grade cotton rag buffer (Not Shown)
tucan preservation framing

This is an Original Antique Toucan lithograph by John Gould from the mid 19th century. This shows how an item is protected using decorative matting techniques. On top is the 99% UV filtering glass, beneath that is the 100% museum cotton rag matting with a gold wood fillet attached. Beneath that is another layer of the same cotton rag mat which is a buffer to protect the print from contact with the fillet (Not shown in diagram). The print is museum mounted onto a third layer of 100% museum cotton rag matting (backing). A final layer of 100% true archival final backing must be applied as an added layer of protection to the artwork.

Unparalleled Experience

Very few framers can claim they have handled and worked on such rare and unique items as Rick Badwey. For over 30 years he has been involved with collecting and caring for these items. Since the inception of Museum Framing, Rick has ensured that his framing exceeded the standards of the Library of Congress.

In his career, Rick has framed such things as the 13th Amendment signed by President Abraham Lincoln and Congress, unique antique maps and prints from the 1400s, as well as rare museum quality artifacts.

From a college diploma to a Rare George Washington signed letter, he delivers the same care for anything you need properly preserved and framed. Even our Museum Frame 100tm, our trademark “Museum Quality” ready made frame which is the only one on the market with 100% Museum Grade materials and techniques that will SURPASS your expectations........and preserve your diploma, artwork, photograph for many years to come!

In addition to Rick’s knowledge and skill, you will be ASSURED and GUARANTEED that he will give you the best possible price WITHOUT the use of gimmicks, false discounts or insulting promotions. Since 1989, he has lived up to the promise of giving his clients the best possible price, respect and service. Rick and his staff are very much committed to you and he PROMISES 100% COMPLETE SATISFACTION.

We are members of the following organizations and adhere to their strict ethical standards:

Our frames are handmade in the United States by experienced framers.

We carry Forest Stewardship Council Products (FSC) products. These products adhere to principles and criteria for forest managment.

Don't fall for the "acid free" nonsense!
These mats are made from wood pulp that has been buffered to a neutral pH. Over time, these mats will stain the perimeter of your artwork, which is harmful to the item being framed.

Whether you chose our Museum Grade Ready Made Frames, Preservation Framing Services, or Volume Framing, we use the followig guidelines:

Our own line of Museum Frames, with our patent pending frame backing system, consists of techniques used to protect the item being framed from outside contaminants and provide a secure, finished appearance.

Your artwork is preserved with the best materials on the market and will last for many years of enjoyment. Only a collector and specialist of early and rare manuscripts would understand the need for the materials and techniques to preserve their cherished artifacts for many decades of enjoyment. We still do work for many people since our inception.